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Medical Care and Chiropractic Care: Why Teamwork is Essential







At Commonwealth Chiropractic, we believe in an evidence based approach to your care. That means, we focus on research to help us inform our decisions and treatments to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

A lot of chiropractors try to separate themselves from the medical community, but not us. That’s what makes us different. We think the best approach to your care, is a team approach. That includes your primary care provider, specialists, physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists, all working together to get you the results you deserve.

Because of this, we think it is vital to keep your primary care provider up to date on your treatments in our office. We send out summaries of your care in our office to make sure that they are in the loop on your condition.

That’s just one thing that makes us different at Commonwealth Chiropractic!

Click the link below to see the latest research on patient outcomes when their medical providers and chiropractors work together.

Link: Research on MD and DC Teamwork


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